Sunday, December 20, 2009

1 week down....the week that was....

decorating the tree with nan.

the big one..

caught it all by himself.

chess anyone...

spa afternoon fun...

daycare christmas party, santa visits.

Saturday Nipper Carnival, the girl in the flags race.

santa comes a visiting the nipper carnival, by IRB ...very very cool.
here is the boy with renee

updated ink - inner left wrist. "l & s" was added for my godchildren - Lauren & Sam

early christmas present to myself, new ink. Bansky Balloon Girl, right inner arm.
she is still healing only 6 days old.
Carols by candlelight down the river.
the boy & one of his best buds (one half of the twins)

kylie & her gorgeous girl.
me & my boy

the party girls.

1 little pieces of your mind:

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Love the new tattoo's good on you for treating yourself!! Sorry I haven't been around regularly but hope you have a wonderful silly season and a well deserved break!!

xo Steph