Monday, February 8, 2010

Love week - MuSiC

I love music..we always have it on..and I love the way it can take you back to a certain time and certain place..sad, happy are few of my fave love type make you cry, to make you think, to make love too, to take you back..enjoy..add them to you playlist..

Adore this song, Adore.

Nothing need be said, the man can sing.

This song reminds me of my nan & my dad...

Emotive & Beautiful

Mr Buckley, takes me back to when Mr Petrie and I met..

for my man..

one of the most beautiful songs ever...

3 little pieces of your mind:

mimoo said...

The Luckiest was our wedding song :-))

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

You have great taste in music.

I am planning on making a video every year for my daughters birthday. I wanted to use The Luckiest as the music, but there are a few lines that make it not as appropriate as I would like.

I just feel like the luckiest person to be her Mama. I will have to listen to your others now. xx

Melow said...

Love the last song, gave me goose bumps!! I am worried about yur frame of mind with the others, sad and gloomy, you need some Whitney Houston 'Wanna dance with somebody' to cheer you up!! The Rob Patterson song - when did he write that one for you!!He he