Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Week - pEeP lOve

Today I just wanted to share a couple of pics of my peeps..I love my kids..like every mum. Sometime they drive me to insanity..but 99% of the time I love them so much I could burst! So here are just a couple of fave pics of my peeps being peeps! I really love kids just being kids, lots of experiences rather than things in their lives...doing things that challenge themselves but also just hanging out playing with neighbourhood kids..simple stuff, not structured timetables of a million activities..just fun!

the boy..just waiting for his first ever train ride

freckles...reluctant model for mum

And from the weekend just past....

This was Sunday morning, it was raining cats & dogs, the kids decided that the garden bed that is being re done at the moment looked like a great place to be, making a mudslide and mudpies..I love my mud monkeys!

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BOB & MABEL said...

Beautiful children! You've got to love kids just being kids and getting dirty. Mine spend so much time outside either in the sandpit or rummaging through my garden beds creating havoc.
So nice to see kids playing in the mud.