Thursday, March 18, 2010

away I go...

So I am all packed and my suitcase is by the door.  I am off to Melbourne early tomorrow morning. I was supposed to be going with my little brother but he had to bail as he has to work. That makes me sad as I was really looking forward to it. Anywho I convinced my lovely mumma to come instead. Anyway, off I go. I am going to check out a few stores, to tout my wares and hopefully drum up business. Catch up with old friends and of course my gorgeous family.  The reason I am actually going is for my gorgeous cousin Rachael. It is her 30th on Saturday night and she is having a wild party at a pub in St Kilda, cannot wait.
I am also going to me my newest little relative, baby Chase. Cannot wait to kiss him to death.
I am going to miss my boys. They are having a boys weekend, working around the house and going out on a boat fishing, so they probably wont miss me. Freckles update, she is having a wild time. I spoke to my lovely friend Kylie and she told me she is missing us but doesnt want to come home yet..nice!
So I will be back next week...
I will leave you with some pics of our current kitchen reno in progress. We are currently ripping out our old kitchen, which was HIDEOUS and a brand new one is going in next weekend..I am SO excited.
have a great weekend!

mmm yes well..check out all those lines...nice hey...NOT {photo from real estate}

check out my oven...held in by rocks...yes I said rocks are holding in my oven!

and ta-da disgusting kitchen gone!

2 little pieces of your mind:

Red Letter Studio said...

new kitchen exciting! have a lovely trip to Melbs!

~ Samone

Life with Kaishon said...

New kitchens are so exciting : )