Thursday, March 18, 2010

remember me..

So on Tuesday night I went to the movies with two of my lovely girlfriends..Renee & Sophie. It was a sort of last minute, not so last minute thing..and we had a ball. I won some tickets to see the new Mr Pattinson film - Remember Me.  For anyone who knows me I am a huge fan of Mr Pattinson. Okay I am in love with him moving on when we went to go to the movies I could not use the free tickets I had because it was Tuesday - bummer. Anyway we still went and the movie was FABULOUS...we laughed and cried, well I balled as I always do..oh and there was alot of drooling and ogling..(by me). So I have had my R Pattz fix for another few months..New Moon comes out on dvd soon and then roll on June for Eclipse...
Thank you girls for coming out with me and making me laugh, I love you guys.
And thank you Mr Pattinson..for being you.

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Lizeylou said...

I am going to see this movie tomorrow with a friend of mine and I am REALLY looking forward to it. Am happy to hear that it is good, cause there was always the chance that Rob would only ever be the "Twilight" guy. YAY! I love a movie that makes me laugh and cry.