Monday, March 8, 2010

Point + Shoot plus a farewell...

Well here is my picture for the Fat Mum Slim point and shoot this week. There is a little bit of a story to this so I will try and make it brief.  My baby girl Freckles has left on a lovely adventure tonight. She is off with one of her besties and her mum and dad for a two week escapade. They are driving to South Australia to go on a houseboat along the Murray River. They will be gone for 2 weeks! Yes, my baby girl has left to go on a fabulous adventure for two whole weeks...It has been a little hard tonight saying goodbye to her, but she was so excited, and I love knowing she is going on a fabulous adventure with people who love her like their own. I will miss her every minute, but know she will be back in my arms very soon, with lots of stories to tell. So now onto the picture. Because freckles was going away for such a long time...I wanted her to have a piece of us to take with her..along with a pashmina of mine that she made me sleep with for the last week so she could smell me on it..I made her a surprise, this pillow.  I got the photos and put them onto transfer paper and ironed them onto a new pillow case. I framed the pics to look like polaroids..and ta da, a pillow she can have close to her, and we will be with her every night. To say she loved is was an understatement.
I love her so much, and know she will have so much fun.

Have a great week!

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mimoo said...

That is so cute Jo, what a great idea!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Jo, you are the best Mumma. That would have meant the world to me. I used to get so homesick, and my Ma would hide the sweetest things to let me know that I was going to be okay, as well as writing letters ahead of time to arrive at the camps/locations. It was really special.

So I am sitting with a dangly bracelet on my wrist typing this as I gobble on some delicious chocolate.

Who would have sent me these goodies? Why you Jo.

You just made my week. You went way OVER budget which I should take you aside and give you a stern talking to... but instead I just want to hug you... sit in a corner of a quiet cafe with you, sipping green tea talking about all that we could, and should.

I know the purpose of it all was to create Happy Mail... but you've made me the happiest soul on earth today. I feel so special. Thank you.

Love to you and I hope the missing is easing. xx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Gorge!!So spesh!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful :D