Saturday, March 13, 2010

sweet stuff

I stumbled across these babies a few days ago..they are so divine I want them!

Having a quite weekend at home with my boys. Freckles is now on the houseboat and having a ball...miss her like made though.
We are just about to put in a new kitchen here so spent the day with mum cleaning out the now looks like we are "camping at home" as the boy put it.  Some crappy weeks with no kitchen but it will all be worth it..before and afters to come later..
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend..x

4 little pieces of your mind:

Kelly said...

WOW, I love your work. I'll be keeping in the necklaces in mind for my children's birthdays. xx

Amanda said...

These are gorgeous!!! Hope your kitchen comes along quickly - I remember when we were renovating ours and I cooked on a camp stove-top and washed dishes in our laundry for 6 weeks. Fun times but all worth it in the end :)

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

I saw those this week too & fell in love with the heart :) Sarah XO
p.s - my friend adored her necklace!

Dragonfly said...

Hello! Tried to email you from your blog home page but couldnt get it to work!
I saw on Bondville you are looking for the lanterns. I'm in Brisbane and have many different sytles
Cheers, Karen