Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FREE SHIPPING! Urban Outfitters to Oz...yes FREE SHIPPING!

this lovely red rose hook to go with some other things I got..see below...

ok so I SOOOO did not need this email this morning from Urban Outfitters...but I got it..FREE SHIPPING TO OZ for orders over $ I thought, ah what can it hurt to have a look, even just in the sale section...BIG MISTAKE! So will guess what I got my free shipping, and some yumminess to boot. Just thinking of it as my late birthday, early mothers day pressie...justification plus! So here is what is winging its way to me...

this very cool Writing on the wall coat rack, for my entry.

the most divine gorgeous Citrus Rose Tapestry Queen Blanket {this was only $19.99 us}

a truly wicked grass toothbrush holder, you know to encourage the kiddies!

this awesome mat that I am going to give Mr Petrie as I must say this too him a thousand times a day

this set of two Alexander Girard Pillowcases..get this you get two for $4.99US..I know right!

this yumbo 60" Peacock Rug, loving it.

So that was it..and guess what it was all in the Sale section...excelent, cannot wait for the package to arrive.
So jump on over now and get shopping people while you have the chance.
Go here and use this code at checkout SHIPAUS3

So go on what are you waiting for!

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