Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Motherhood, the movie

So once again I seem to have fallen off the blogging radar. It is really really busy here at the moment with Mothers day just around the corner and a million orders to fill for all the lovely  mums out there. I did however take a moment on Monday night to indulge myself and watch a whole adult (no not the porn kind!) movie. It was called Motherhood and stars Uma Thurman..and to say it was like looking in a mirror is an understatement (minus the actual looking like Uma Thurman when I look in the know!).  It ended up being quite ironic, I felt like I had taken this little bit of time to sit and watch a movie and then up there on the screen I felt like I was watching myself. It is a great movie, not great in the Avatar great but great in that it is light, easy to watch, funny and though provoking. She blogs, she manages, she cooks, she cleans..blah blah...a great movie you shoud definatley watch it.

In other news..I jagged some Powderfinger tickets today, which is very un-mother like! I am going to rock my ass off at the concert because I just love them and it will be my last chance. I cannot recall how many of their concerts I have been too, but I love them all.

No other news, just be back soon!

2 little pieces of your mind:

ricebabies said...

I have seen it, and I agree, I think moms will enjoy it. My husband would also be likely to do the same thing the man did in the end. I really liked it.

HappyJacki said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I'll check it out this week!