Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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So anyone who reads this blog will know we are on a very loooooooooooooooong journey to renovate the retro house! So I have been thinking for awhile now about our bedroom. Our bedroom is shit! There really is no other way to describe it...we have repainted it which makes it like a thousand times better..but it is still shit. It has horrid, and I mean HORRID tiles on the floor that make it look and feel like a one hundred year old hospital room..it is so grose and nothing nice about it. And then there is the furniture...you know I am not renting anymore, I am not 19 anymore..and I am so over having secondhand hand me down furniture in our bedroom...I want something special, something nice, something that never belonged to someone else before! Don't get me wrong, I love Salvo's shopping I love old furniture and 98% of what is in our house is secondhand..but the time has come people, I need a bedroom overhaul!  For example, our bedside tables, they where my dad's, the dresser - my dad's, the bed - a lovely one from my hot friend Renee when they got their new bed!...please! So in my quest to attain the bedroom I want, I have opened an online savings account and am going to save for this magical dream bedroom makeover...(we don't do credit cards here!). So watch this space people..it is coming I can feel it....my sanctuary awaits!

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Kiki said...

Hey good luck with your new bedroom. I want one too and like you guys, we don't do credit cards. It's sooooo 1998 :)

Anyway, you have inspired me to do the same with the separate account. In the meantime, can you place a rug or two (one on either side of the bed) to cover the tiles? IKEA perhaps...despite the very loooooong drive.