Sunday, August 14, 2011


We have all seen this photo of Daniel a million times. Living on the Sunshine Coast, I don't know, you just cannot turn around without seeing those beautiful blue eyes. The news in the last 24 hours has been harrowing, especially for Daniel's family. Words cannot express how this family is coping with the news that this animal has finally been charged with the murder of their precious boy. The thing that struck me now they are searching a site is that he has been so close to home all this time...I cannot even think what this is doing to his family, and especially Denise, his battle worn and strong mother.  Tomorrow the Morcombe Family has asked for people to wear red in honour of Daniel, we will be doing this, we hope you can too. Daniel's disappearance has forever changed the way we think and measure the safety of our children. His legacy has been that he has helped save countless, maybe even thousands of beautiful childrens lives, children he never knew. For that we thank you Daniel. May they find you sweet boy, so your Mum and Dad can give you the rest and peace you deserve and in turn hopefully they will gain some themselves. God Speed...

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