Monday, April 14, 2008

1 more day

Today was the last day of the holidays.. I was happy about it, but also a little sad. Freckles is looking forward to getting back to school and all her little friends, she loves school, so I should take that as a blessing at the moment. We had a great day, beautiful weather, looked after a friends little girl, while she worked, so we took her and packed up and went to the beach with our friends from the movies on friday. It was awesome, stayed their from 9.30 till 1.30, the kids just surfed, and boogie boarded, and swam and ran, and built sandcastles, it was fabulous. M & I lay on the boogie boards on the shallows, it was lovely. Such a beautiful day. We had maccas on the way home ( and yes I caved today) and then came home and flaked out watchng the Bee movie. Spent the rest of the day getting stuff ready for school, washing, ironing etc.
While I was doing the ironing tonight I watched Australian Story, and amazing story about Jessica Disteldorf..had me in absolute tears! I will put up the link later, you can download the vodcast, totally worth a look.

So all in all a good day. Weigh in tomorrow, absolutely dreading it, stood on the scales today and it says I have gained can that f-ing be! I have walked 5 out of seven days, so unfair.
Oh well we will see what tomorrow brings...see ya.

I am grateful for-
  1. the beach on sunny days
  2. the biggest that show
  3. music downloads, love making my own mixed tapes so to speak
  4. Limewire
  5. hot showers

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