Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It is 4.44am...so here I am

Ok, so I have had no sleep tonight, I am currently sitting in my lounge room, in the dark, with the Bee movie going and the boy is lying on the couch watching it. I swear..I do not know how to get him to sleep ghtrough or in his own bed. The problem is mainly that he is TOO CUTE! For example he comes in in the middle of the night with his blankie and his pillow, stands at the side of the bed and says Mumma Cuggle..how can you resist in your half sleep half wake! Resistance is futile trust me. Then we have the toilet conversation, because now that I have been woken up, I need to go to the toilet, so I stumble in their in the dark, sit down and then get a little head poke around the corner and whisper "mum, mum, mum, what ya doin?" he is so cute. Anyway so I thought I would just jump on the net, as it is the quietest thing to do, and the funny thing is, as it is so damned early in the morning, I can get on the net with absolutely no mother guilt.

Anyway, I meant to do my challenge from Lily & Agathe, who would I invite to dinner..so here goes.....

So here is my list, it is weird, and varied, but I like it, there were so many different people but in the end at 5am in the morning this is the best I could do.....cant wait to see everyone...

Now, I have thrown Owen in here, just in case own of the others you know, couldnt make it to dinner!

And Gordon, because someone has to cook~


Ok so today was weigh in and bugger, gained 200g, oh well, the girls at my meeting were so supportive, they wreckon it was my shoes! Love ya girls. Oh well, worked my butt off last week to no avail, just to start again this week. Hope you all do better than me this week. It just really bites the big one you know. Anyway other than that, I am sooooo tired, I am about to go to bed, just had to catch up on some stuff before work tomorrow. Anyway, here is my grateful list....

Never give up, even when you fail!

I am grateful for -

the fact that my dvd player was working at 4.44am this morning
the girls at my ww meeting, awesome ladies
my bed..here I come! runny gooey poached eggs, the way my dh makes them my babies, all wet and warm after a bath, love it.

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