Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ok Sunday, a lovely sunny lazy day. Dh took the kids to the beach and was teaching freckles how to surf. She was unhappy because she was not up to World Champion standard by 10am this morning...oh well maybe tomorrow. Anyhoo..I got to finish my book..(awesome) and have a sleep..even more awesomer! So then we hung and went to the park and had a bbq with some new friends, G A Y & was great stayed there till seven and sat around eating and drinking with candles. It was a great day. Just about to go to bed. Big week, schools back so back to lunches and uniforms and pick ups and drop offs. Alrighty well off to bed am I. Hope you all (anyone who is reading this) had a great weekend.

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Elisha said...

Hey Jo - Lol i read this! Im so glad your weekend was good, sounds devine! xxxxxxxx