Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The black dog, is learning to sit today

Well a bit better day today. Still no sleep, due to the boy having a bad cold and up all night coughing and temps. But I dont think I would have slept anyway as I have had terrible insomnia for a few weeks now. Went to coffee with B & J this morning, that was great, we had a lovely time, and they are great with the boy. We then did some errands and came home. The didnt have a sleep today so we slothed around, watched Juno & Howard hears a who? Is that what it is called?? Loved Juno and the other one was pretty funny! So just spent the day administering panadol, antibiotics and inner health, also a decent dose of jelly beans, hugs, kisses, songs, stories, crayon drawing and matchbox car driving! He is just so devine.
Other than that a fairly cruisy day.
I did however have a big confession...
My name is Jogirl..and I DIDNT weigh in today!
I am a huge chicken, just couldnt face it today...just couldn't.
So there you have it, it is out there.
But I did go for my walk which made me feel really good.
Till tomorrow.

I am grateful for this Tuesday,
1. fabulous blogettes for leaving lovely caring and supportive comments daily...you know who you are...big love to you all xo
2. B & J, thanks for the shoulder this morning
3. Matchbox cars - the boys best friend
4. Big Brother - I am a sucker for a reality show
5. Jamie Oliver best spaghetti ever
6..just for the ladies...Harries from Bondi Rescue...hello!

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Elisha said...

Jo Jo - the way you talk about your babies is so beautiful , i can feel the love from all the way across the great internet divide! Makes me all warm and fuzzy!!

I wouldnt worry about weigh in - fuck it!! ( mind the french) but ya know, sometimes in life it just doesnt matter , and this is one of those times - We both know you will get on track and stressing about weight - wont help =) So glad you enjoyed your walk - Hope your day is better today, and much lovies to your little man - hope he is feeling a little better too.

xxxxx Lovies xxxxxxxxx