Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last one..

Okay, so today was Wednesday, middle of the week, hump day...on the way to the weekend.
We are going camping with the "dirty rotten campers" group from here this weekend so have to start thinking about that, packing lots of jumpers, beanies and flannellette shirts I think.
We love camping, so it should be lots of fun, as you can see from the photo above of our last camping trip with these good folk. Anyway kept the boy at home for one more day today, just to be sure he was feeling better. Other than that, went to the park, made playdough and pretty much hung out. Feeling a little better myself today, had a walk which always makes me feel better and had a great chat with my sister in law.
Tomorrow hopefully I will be at work...I miss it, it helps calm my racing thoughts.
Anyway....all good today. xo

Today I am grateful for -

1. lipgloss.....I am addicted what can I say.

2. homemade playdough, warm and squishy, mmm love it.

3. walking at dusk

4. hearing about a new baby being born..I just love it, it makes me cluck

5. Freckles telling me about her problems, opening up to me and trusting me.

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