Monday, April 28, 2008

blue monday

The "black dog" is here today in a big way.
Not a good day.
My only shining light today was my babies, especially freckles when she came home all excited about her day at school...more about that later.
Other than that, highly unproductive, nothing done, did manage to cook a substantial and apparently delicious dinner, so my family tells me, didnt feel like eating.
Watched Australian Story tonight, about Charmaine Dragun, then I cried and cried.
Then my mum rang me because she had watched it too...and she knows, oh how she knows.
The "black dog" is here today, hope he doesnt stay for long.
till tomorrow. xo

I am grateful for...
1. medication
2. my freckles having a fabulous day at school
3. my boys
4. my mum, she always knows, you know
5. karma

2 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

Hey Hey Baby girl.
Lots of Hugz, the black dog was once a very big part of my life - I wont say i know how you feel because i dont - I wont say everything will be ok, cause ya dont wanna hear that, All i will say is, i am here for you, anytime. email me girlie.

Lovers you !
P.S will tell you more about Jimmy via email. xxxx

Belinda said...

Hi Lady,
It's ok to feel the way you do. It will pass. In the meantime do whatever you can to nurture yourself. My 2 cents are a hot bath could be a total goer.
Take care,