Sunday, April 27, 2008

Missing in Action!

Ok so I have been missing in action since thursday. I have been online, but just havent been up to blogging, just needed a break I suppose.

Friday was very cruisy, just hung out at home and looked at some old pics of my granddad who served in the war and told freckles some war stories about him, which she enjoyed.
Saturday mmm let me think oh yes, my dh had to take back the portable dvd we had bought for freckles for chrissy as it wasnt working, he said he would fix it...6 weeks ago, but I gave him a deadline, friday nite, still not fixed so off he trotted two kids in tow...45 minute drive to take it back to target and then...he got a flat battery, so a 2 hour trip turned into a 6 hour ordeal..i felt so sorry for him...LOL. Anyway freckles had a friend to stay the night so we made vanilla ice cream biscuts and had a sausage sizzle and watched Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium, it was great. My dh had to go to work..poor thing. So then today, got up early and headed to the beach with the kiddies, met some friends, had a surf and a walk and then came home...cruised around and made pizzas for some friends who came for dinner... A lovely weekend all up...probably bad for my points, but there is always tomorrow.
All in all...happiness!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend...

PS... A HUGE CONGRATS TO ELISHA ON THE "16" go sexy mumma!

Here is my gratefullness list...and a few catch ups...

1. good friends

2. good wine

3. meeting some new people at the beach..lovely people with lovely babies.

4. being able to walk along the beach, I am very lucky

5. watching my freckles manouvre her way in the surf

6. the smell of surfboard wax...yum

7. the boy, watching him take his little lawnmower down the beach...hilarious

8. flannellette sheets so cozy

9. the smell of my dh when he comes home after work, on the last day of week, when he has had his end of week beer

10. my boy, when he comes in in the middle of the night, curls up on the mattress next to my bed and holds on tight to my one finger whilst he falls asleep.

1 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

Hey sweety, I was thinkin about you over the weekend - Thank you thank you @ the 16's! Lol im still walking round on cloud 9 - cant wait to go to work so i can wear them... Your ice cream sandwichs look so yummy! If you get a chance would you share how you made them?
I just put the flanny sheets on all our bed on the weekend too - so yummy, how cold is it getting?

Your on the sunny coast, where abouts? My folks are in Pacific Paradise - I love it there =)

HuGz, and much love - Chook!