Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to me..


Ok, so it is my 34th birthday today!
And no I dont mind admitting it..actually I like being in my 30's, it means I dont have to give a shit (excuse my swearing) about all the stuff you worry about in your 20's.
Have had a fabulous day with my friends treating me to morning tea and cake, and pressies...all the good stuff. Then my dh, freckles and the boy cooked up some yummy cupcakes..or happycakes as the boy calls them. (See picture) So all in all a great birthday. Hoping to get a massage tonight as well which would make it perfect. Got some lovely gifts, a bag, a cheeseboard & knife, some flowers, a candle holder and some other stuff. But you know, now my birthday is here, I want to make a list of all the things I want to do before I turn lose a million kilos. I DO NOT want to look like this at another birthday, I am so over it, it is not funny! So I have 365 days till my next birthday..and a new me.

On another is dreaded weigh in tomorrow, can you believe it, life is sooooo cruel went for a walk/jog tonite and will go again in the morning just to be sure..but I think I will let myself off this week, just because of all of the cake!

Anyway hope you all had a great day...and thanks for your comments..

I want to try to do something, I am going to try and write 5 things I am grateful for everytime I blog -

1. my friendships

2. my family

3. cupcake icing

4. having time to walk

5. music

4 little pieces of your mind:

Meg said...

Way to go Jo! Happy Birthday to you and I hope that this year is the best ever for you and all your dreams and hopes come true.

Don't worry too much about weigh in, just work it off the cake(s) next week.

lovely lindsay said...

thank you for your birthday wishes... my boy and i send some your way as well!

Elisha said...

Happy Birthday Jo - Your an aries, i happen to think we are the best star sign ever! haha, hope your day was good - sounds very lovely , keep working on your list, im sure you will work your way through doing all the things you want to do - good luck with weigh in - dont stress too much, your entitled to cake and icing on your birthday. xxxx Thanks for commenting on my blog. xx

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday Jo
I agree the decade of the 30s is the best so far!! Enjoy the cake on this day of celebrating you. You deserve it!