Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rainy Sunday

The Little Prince
Ok so today, another rainy always rains here, which I dont mind so much, but it does ALWAYS rain. So went to Brisvegas today to catch up with my lovely bestie Mary, and her baby boy Samuel. He has been home now for 7 days after 26 days in ICU & special care, and is doing fabulously. I went to see her and her dear hubby Terry, because she has been a little teary and unsettled this week, so I cooked up some yummy dinners, wrapped her birthday pressie, bought sam a little something and took off for the day, leaving dh & the boy at home, freckles was at a sleepover. So had an awesome day, just daggy around the unit, sitting on the floor while mary nursed, and then cuddling my new little man and talked gibberish about everything. It was great. Then drove back in the rain, picking up freckles and her friend on the way. Overall a fantastic day...with lots of love shared.
Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! to all you lovely ladies on viewing my blog and giving me so much support..especially about the pmdd blog (what was I thinking when I laid that all out on the table??) anyway click here to find out a little more about PMDD, or just google it.
I found out by going to my doctor after spending a week in my house with freckles when she was two, I didnt talk to her...literally..did not talk to her because I was so convinced that if I spoke to her I would lose it, so one morning I sat on the couch, looked at my husband and said..please stay home today..(in tears) and he sat down and said ok..but why, and I said, because if you go to work, we may not be here when you get home..So he took me straight to the doctors. He knew something was wrong, and he tried to get me help for ages and ages, but I just kept a mother does..until one day I just knew..this was the or never.
Thank god he stayed home that day.

2 little pieces of your mind:

Blogger K L said...

Wow you're such a nice friend! That sounds like a lovely package you put together, I'm sure she loved it. I love daggy days with friends just hanging out and catching up.

Love reading your blog and seeing the changes you're making every day!

Belinda said...

Thanks for being so brave and frank about your PMDD journy.

The little prince is just perfect. His parents will most definitely be thanking you each time they enjoy your beautiful and practical gift of meals. Just what new parents need.