Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hey Hey Its Saturday...

Yummy Lollies

The Kids Table

Well it is Saturday and we were up early. Had breaky (thanks dh - yummy bacon & egg rolls) not for me though just poached eggs on muffin. Then to mow the lawn, and then off to visit friends at their lovely beach house. Just hung around talking, laughing, had a nap, went to the beach and pretty much chilled. Then I cooked a yummy steak sirloin dinner and popped a bottle of 2002 red to have with it. Then freckles wanted to have a sleepover so she is still there, will pick her up tomorrow. The rest of us just got home and The boy & dh are in bed...just watching Big Love before I too toddle to bed. Overall a great day, feeling a little better, didnt walk today but will tomorrow. Still raining, which I love. A lovely day spent with Lovely friends. Life is good, today. Have a great Sunday.
Ps - on a finer note, I hope I havent completely freaked anyone out with my ramblings yesterday regarding my PMDD. I suppose I just want people to know about my ups and downs. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.

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B said...

Hey Jo Just tapped into your blog via orangeflowers site re the 30 day challenge love your photo of the lollies (anything sweet is my demon that's for sure). You are brave to publicise your weightloss journey! I am v interested in your PMDD info ie how did you and/or your medico realise it was more than PMS?
Anyway I have subscribed to your blog and hope to keep up with you on the weight loss journey.
I hope tomorrow is even better than today. Enjoy your Sunday. Belinda.

Blogger K L said...

Sounds like you had a much better day, and I was interested in learning a bit about PMDD - I'd never heard of it before. You're doing so well on your wl journey - Hope you're having a good sunday :D