Friday, April 18, 2008

I am the worst mother in the world..

Okay so, yes that is right that is how I feel today, and here is why!
The boy was home from playschool today as he has a cold, so we were just hanging out, him in front of the tv with one thousand cars watching nemo, me in he kitchen 5 metres away doing something that I have totally forgotten. Well, I turned around because he called my name, I looked over and he has his mouth open looking at me, showing me something in his mouth, not freaking out because I knew he would run, I just started walking over saying "what ya got there buddy?" The next minute, my blood went cold when I realised it was an Advil (nurofen) gel cap.
I told him to spit it out which he did immediately, but then he started pulling faces, and dry reaching and then came the vomitting. I am in a total panic and race him to the bathroom, where he continues to throw up. Then he turns to me and says drink and "wheres lightning mcqueen?" meanwhile I am losing it thinking he is totally poisoned, grab the tablet put him in the car and zoom to the docs, all the time he is singing twinkle twinkle in his car seat. Anyway, cut the long story sort, he is totally fine, the doc had a look at the tablet and it was all intact and most of its contents still inside, we think he just bit it and the horrid taste made him throw up. He hadnt had any more, because they would have come up when he threw up. So..I feel like crap, absolutley, I have no idea how he got it, no idea and that is what totally freaks me out. I have locks on all the cupboard doors, the medicine box is on the top shelf of the linen press, which no one can reach, only my dh. So I am at a loss. My doc was wonderful, and said not to worry..yeah right. I feel sooo bad, i cried most of the afternoon, and didnt let him out of my sight. But it then got worse, I had to tell dh...but he was great, totally understanding. Anyway tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I will have stopped beating myself up in maybe 100 years!
Hope you all have a great weekend...

I am grateful for...

  1. My boy being ok, after his ordeal today
  2. homemade pizzas, the family loves them
  3. dh falling asleep watching the footy on a friday night, means I get control of the remote.
  4. My friend Beth, an inspirational and supportive friend.
  5. the rain today, it made it soooo easy to curl up for a nap with the boy

2 little pieces of your mind:

Blogger K L said...

Oh Jo, that's so scary. You poor thing - I can't even imagine how scared you must have been. You did so well, not freaking out and taking him straight to the doctors, and you have everything locked up. Sometimes these things are unavoidable - I can remember putting all sorts of things in my mouth when I was little, not to mention the things me and my siblings got up to (and usually got in trouble for).

It makes me appreciate how tough it is to be a mum. I can't imagine how my mum got through it with 4 of us.

I'm so glad your son is ok. Thank goodness you were so close by and kept your head.

Elisha said...

Awee Honey, you are not the worst mother in the world - Something like that could happen to any one of us, no matter how careful we are - It was an accident, and he is ok =) and that is all that matters now, its done - no point beating yourself up about it. I read your blog daily and i think your a wonderful mother! The way you talk about your babies is beautiful and thats what they will remember, not the day the little one tried to eat a tablet! Keep your chin up and stay strong. Lots of hugs.
Lisha. xxxx