Saturday, April 19, 2008

That was yesterday...

Ok, so yesterday was a complete write off for me. But it is just a little hiccup in the road of motherhood so I will move on. KL & Elisha, thank you thank you thank you for your kind words of support...I really do appreciate them! So today was pretty you poured rain constantly so myself and the kiddos where stuck in the house, which actually wasnt too bad. DH had to work today, just catching up, nothing to report, did a bit of this and bit of that.
I was however totally and utterly committed to going for my walk, thunder and torrential rain and all, so when dh came home I suited up with huge blue poncho, hat, ipod..I looked like damned ginormous blue ball, and off I went. I got about 100 meters when water started dripping down the back of my neck from ginormous hole that my dh had overlooked, my shoes filled up with water, my pants were soaked, and to top it all off cars where going past splashing water on I turned around and dawdled home, very despondant, but pleased with myself I had made the effort..oh well there is always tomorrow...So I had a vodka and coke instead!
Happy Saturday y'all!
I almost forgot my gratitude list -
1. for lovely ladies who read my blog and leave comments...thank you.
2. vodka & coke...mmm I love it
3. my couch, may it always be a soft place to fall
4. the rain, even though it rains every single day here, there is nothing better than a nanna nap in the afternoon with it pouring down
5. the 365+1 challenge, it is truly challenging me in so many ways.

2 little pieces of your mind:

Blogger K L said...

Lol, just picturing you in all your wet weather gear gave me the giggles! Good on you for being so dedicated! The very picture of determination :D

I went for a walk in the wet yesterday too (although in my flipflops, because I can't stand wet socks) - it wasn't raining anymore but there were lots of puddles and footpath-streams, and it made me remember how fun it was jumping in puddles when I was little


Elisha said...

That vodka and coke looks pretty good =) I too had a little giggle at your walking in the rain, bless your heart! Good On You for getting out there - Im proud of ya!