Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long day..

Dont have much to say today, had a long day at home with the boy as he has the flu, so we just hung out, playing with cars, bubbles, movies, reading, eating, sleeping etc..just hanging.
Freckles had a play date after school then got treated to maccas..that is about it..
Happy Birthday Elisha!

I am grateful for today...

1. chapstick, got the flu and my lips are super dry
2. the postman, for bringing me my little dose of sanity today
3. hanging with my boy, it was awesome
4. Nemo - the movie..for keeping the boy entertained...again and again
5. I didnt have to cook good, so easy.

1 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

Thank you! Your singing made my day =) Really appreciate that..
Its not nice when the kids get sick, i hope he is much better today...
My kids watch nemo over and over too - but i think the most worn dvd at our place is Shrek and peppa pig!! Lol. Thanks again Jo. xxxxxxxxxxx