Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work it..

Ok, so big long day at work, was there all by myself, so was great in that respect got heaps done.
Ran around like chickens with our heads cut off this morning, as dh forgot to tell me that he is going to somewhere 3 hours away for an appointment today, only one problem, we have one car, and one scooter, and there are four of us. So we had to do a mad dash to do drop offs, then find someone kind enough at short notice to pick up freckles from school. Fortunatly my lovely friend M came to the rescue. So other than that, my house looks like a bomb, didnt get in the door till half 6 and was super lazy and had bacon and egg rolls for dinner..yum! I had mine minus the bacon. So now dh is asleep on the couch while I blog away guilt free! Thats it really, got to do a shopping list sometime in the next 24 hours, or my children will starve! Other than that kiddly winks are great, both went off to bed fabulously tonite, lots of love laughter and cuddles.

Back off to work tomorrow, which is good, so busy at the moment, which can overwhelm but also it helps my mind from wandering. I also got a lovely pressie in the mail from my big sis today. It was a belated birthday present, it was a little box from The Tree of Life store, with all these gorgeous stones, with different meanings, I love it, just have to hide them from freckles and the boy as they will want them. Anyway hope you all had a fabulous day....till tomorrow.

I am grateful for -

getting work done, and actually seeing a result
listening to my kids talk so wildly and colourfully about their day.
dh being proud of memy dh's touch
getting a suprise present in the mail

4 little pieces of your mind:

Cooking My Life said...

Love the pic...I remember days like that. Hang in there.

Blogger K L said...

hi! just wanted to pop in and say hello. Sounds like you've had a big few days, with not too much sleep. You sound like you're really on track and doing your exercise, and I just have to say, your little note about what you're grateful for is so lovely. It's really made me think about what I'm grateful for in my little world.


Mary Beth said...

Hi Jogirl. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Sounds like you had a hectic day but weathered it well. Take care!

Elisha said...

I always have one of them " Ahh me too " Moments when i read your im grateful list - makes me smile - and like Kathryn makes me think of what im grateful for too =)

- Thanks for sharing your world.