Thursday, May 1, 2008

Me Time

Ok so today, was a better day. Kids to school and playschool, with the usual running around, that comes with that. It was actually cold this morning, with a little hint of winter in the air.
Had to talk to Freclkes teacher as she is having some problems with another Queen Bee in her class...girls can be soooooooo mean. Anyway, she doesnt want to go to school tomorrow, which is very unlike her, and cried her little heart out tonite, because Queen Bee doesnt want to be her friend anymore, and apparently Queen Bee's mummy said that she hates Freckles, so it is a huge drama here, and I am hating every minute of it, because the mother bear in me just wants to go into that school and have a *quiet word* of my own to her. But, alas I cannot do this, so I will just go and talk to the teacher instead.
Other than that the boy is back at playschool after 3 weeks of the flu and he had a blast, so that was lovely.
Dear Hubby, went off to work on his bike...had a good day, and he went for a swim.
So me, myself, I went to a few Op shops and wandered around, then came home did some washing, and general tidying up. Cleaned out the kids clothes drawers of stuff that is too small or not worn. Read some, listened to music, laid around, cooked some yummy dinner.

I needed some time to myself, I needed some breathing space, just a couple of hours to gather my thoughts and my head around myself and my heart. It was great and I feel a little favourite part of the day was just swinging in the hammock looking at the bluest sky.

Anyway that was my day, in a nutshell... (oh I am in a nutshell!)
Getting ready for camping this weekend..woohoo!

PS - I cannot wait to see who wins biggest loser, I have to record it because dh is at work and wont let me watch it till he gets home!! Otherwise I will tell him who won!!!

Today I am thankful for..

1. some space and time on my own, I love my dh and my little ones but sometimes I just need some me time.

2. fresh vegetables, they just make you feel good

3. Op shops, I love seeing the stuff I have left there being bought and sent to a new home.

4. My dh, for being so supportive and giving me the time and space that I need.

5. Beautiful photography, I love looking at all the lovely blogs and the amazing, talents they have.

This photo was taken by Three Loves and is my favourite photo of the day.
You can find a link to her blog on my blog roll to the right.

4 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

That is a gorgeous photo!

ME time is awesome - Im so glad you got to have some of that special time today - it is like literally recharging! I bet the boy was happy to be back at playschool too - YAY for him!! Poor Freckles though, girls can be very mean - Bella struggles at school, and it is hard not to march on in there and give them a what for!! Im completely understanding that - I hope everything works out for her - she is in my thoughts. xxxxx Enjoy your camping - and have a lovely long weekend - will catch up when i get back xxx Lots of love. xxxx

P.S my blog is playing up, lost 1.2kg this week - in case its not showing!!

Blogger K L said...

Hi Jo,
I'm glad you got some downtime to yourself, you're so busy and you give so much to your family and friends all the time, I'm glad you know when to take care of your needs too.
Have a great time camping - I hope the sun shines for you guys, it looks like you always have a great time from the pic below!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, just popping in to say I love the new blog design, and I hope everything's going well - haven't heard from you in a little while.

Kath ("KL") xx

Elisha said...

Hey Gorgeous Girl - Your back, how was your weekend, you havent updated yet!! Im lovin the new layout and design, very pretty and very " You" it suits you! I just read your comment you must have posted that while i was writing todays - Sneaky!! hehe. Thank you so much, your such a sweety! Lookin forward to your update, Lots of Lovies!! - Lisha, xxxxx

Oh, and the link to your flickr has gone, can we have that back please????