Wednesday, April 23, 2008

long day...

Well had another day at home with the boy, so I could not bare another day stuck at home so off we went to school then to get our hair cut. He is soooo adorable, all the girls love him and fuss over him, and he sat up on that booster like he was the king of Australia! So a milkshake and donut later, haircut done, popped into diva as well...have to always check out their bargain rack, always purchase, either for me or for my "last-minute-crap-i-forgot-it-was-your-birthday-box" and picked up some bargains. Then home to curl up for another sleep with the boy...I just cant resist, then off to get the girl from school, and then to get her hair cut. We then came home cooked up some popcorn and watched Free Willy, which I picked up at the oppy for good ole $1- so we watched that, bath, story, running around the house with toilet paper tails, then bed for the kiddos! Then I folded the most ginormous mountain of washing, whilst watching the biggest loser and Unberbelly. Dh was out at a meeting, so nothing to cool going on here. No walk today, bummer, ate 2 choccys..not good...walk tomorrow though if it doesnt rain.
Anyhoo, that is it really, have a good sleep..nite nite xo

I am grateful for these things on this fine Tuesday..
1. watching my children run around the house with toilet paper tails
2. smarties...mmm love em.
3. having my haircut, it makes me feel good
4. Seeing my daughters happy, but tired face after a long day at school.
5. having my friends back from holidays safe and sound, cant wait to catch up with them.

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three buttons said...

Hi! Sorry it's taken me forever to fill you in with 'This is...'

Feel free to play along at anytime! I like to ask a different blogger every week to finish the sentence 'This is...' and then we post a photo of that particular sentence on Sundays.

This Sunday's is 'This is my unconditional,passionately loved and favourite BOOK!

I hope you can play along, I will post your blog link on my playing list this weekend.