Monday, April 21, 2008


Today was a pretty ordinary up rushed around ready for school...then went and did some errands and stuff, got the boy a milkshake and stopped off at the op shop, didnt get anything though. Came home and had some lunch, then curled up on the bed with my boy for a lovely sleep. I am so tired at the moment, my boy will not stay in his own bed at night and keeps us up, keeps me up mostly, dh sleeps through a storm. I had him driving his Fred car all over me at 2am this morning..ahhh, so hence the sleep today...and I will tell you what it was bliss! I absolutely love curling up with my babies for a sleep, the sound of their breathing, the warmth of their breath, the curve of their little bodies as it backs up against you to be spooned, pure heaven. Anyway cooked a yummy WW dinner tonite, Chargrilled chicken with butter sage...mmm yum. Also went for my walk at 6pm...didnt want to go but I did and powered through it. I have uploaded so new music on the ipod so that just changes things up a bit.

Weigh in day tomorrow....ahhh, hope I do alright I have really tried hard this week. I just want to lose, not gain, even if it is 100g..anyway, I am just proud of myself for continuing to go.
Anyway have a great week.

I am grateful for this monday....

1. having a sleep with my boy...blissful

2. The new Choc Orange Tim Tams...oh my they are heavenly..but I only had one and made my husband hide them before he left for work last night!

3. I am grateful I was strong enough to have only one tim tam

4. some sunshine, to bring some warmth on my skin

5. my little brother...he called tonite while I was out walking and just rang for a chat, not actually for something in particular...and he chatted with the kids, which was fantastic.

My darling husband on the left and my cheeky little bro on the right, chrissy 2007!

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Elisha said...

Hello Gorgeous girl! Good Luck for your weigh in, i will be thinking about you! My boy used to do that too!! It was many years ago now, but i still remember it - many a sleepless night, the best thing i can offer you is they grow out of it.. My miss Bella still gets in my bed, but she just goes to sleep i dont even know she is there till i get a sharp kick - Im envious, i have never had those sleeps with my kids, my boy snores bad and the girl sleeps in all weird angles.. make the most of it!!

Lots of Lovies xxxxxxxxxxx