Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rainy Sunday Afternoon...


So today has been a pretty cruisy day, well we didnt really have a choice, it absolutely bucketed down. So we were stuck in doors. But that is okay, I took off and did the fantastically wonderful and very exciting grocery shopping..I aimlessly wandered the food halls looking for a bargain. I then ran my wonky wheeled trolley to the car and got saturated to the core putting all the groceries in it. But that was cool, we can all eat this week, which is a good thing. We then spent the rest of the afternoon, just chilling, reading , watching videos, and avoiding dh, who was like a bear witha sore head, so we sent him to bed! Other than that went for a walk, freckles came with me on her bike and then had a yummy dinner. That is about it really. Very cruisy indeed.

Hopefully I will lose this week, stood on the scales tonite and looks like I have, but wont count my chicks before they hatch. So now I am sitting here all by myself, watching telly (just about to watch Juno) and blogging away. I could spend hours looking at all the blogs. So hope you all have a fabulous week, till tomorrow.

What I am grateful for today -

1. music, it can soothe me, or make me dance, it can take me back in time to places and people or it can make me cry...I have to have it everyday.

2 coke zero - without it I would not be able to exist.

3. the biggest loser - love that show

4. socks, they keep my feet warm

5. my kids..what else can I say

1 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

Hey Jo - I dont have an Aldi here but i have been to one and if it was here i would use it! Awesome little place especially with food being so expensive these days.

- I spend hours looking at blogs too, its a good thing cause i dont eat.. haha but the time flies!

- Rainy days are great, we had the same kinda weather here all weekend, so movies and such were a nice way to pass the cold day!

- Im sure you will have a loss this week, stay strong and positive my friend big HuGz.

- Also, what is your name on the ww forum?