Saturday, April 12, 2008


Saturday, was very cruisy around here. Got up went to the beach, an absolutely beautiful sunny day, lovely and warm. The kids and dh swam and body surfed, whilst I went for a walk and just enjoyed the sun, sand and surf. On the way back we got a yummy icecream for the kids, the boy had kiwi pavlova and raspberry with white chocolate, freckles had triple chocolate and cant remember the other one, dh & I abstained..yay for us!
Came home, had a lovely little nap, and woke to find that freckles had given herself & the boy a bath and gotten into their pj's, all by 4pm...super super impressed.
Just hung out for the rest of the day, dh has gone back to work tonite to catch up, kids are in bed and I am home just cruising the blogging world.

I am grateful for -
  1. a little bit of time on my own
  2. getting to the bottom of the washing hamper
  3. Johnson & Johnson sleep body cream
  4. my little girl growing up and doing something extra special for me
  5. beach umbrellas

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Elisha said...

Cruisy days are the best! Enjoy the rest of your weekend =)