Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, it is Friday night, as per usual, dh has come home, put the footy on and promptly fallen asleep on the the tv is all mine...hehehehe, my plan has worked again!

Had a great day today, took freckles and we went with some friends to see The Spiderwick was great...we then went to McDonalds for lunch..which i am SUPER PROUD of myself as I had NOTHING, zip zero, not one thing! woo hoo. The we went and got some groceries, the op shop and then home to create some fantastic artworks and then went down for a walk/scooter before picking up the boy.

Came home and created some ultradelicious homemade pizzas (trying to save some dough) pardont the pun. And now here I am writing this blog. Got a lovely card and rose quartz from my dear friend M today, which was lovely. All in all a great day, ate too much pizza tonite, but oh well, just walk, swim it off tomorrow.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend..

I am grateful for -
  1. little pokey corner shops near the movies that you can get awesome bags of mixed lollies at one millionth the price of the cinema snack bar
  2. surprise presents (see above)
  3. having the strength to say no to the cheeseburger
  4. my doctor - for listening today
  5. freckles for telling me that I am a "brilliant mum"

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Mary Beth said...

Hi Jogirl. Thanks for visiting my blog. There are lots of tutorials on freezer paper stenciling all over the blogs. I know Angry Chicken has explained it. But first you need to find some freezer paper--it's also called butcher paper--it has one waxy (plastic) side and one plain side. I had to have a friend mail me some because I could never find it. Hope this helps! (Let me know if you need me to find a specific link to a tutorial).