Thursday, April 10, 2008

Working Girl

Today was a work day for me...totally hectic, murphys law was at work with us today. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong..oh well..tomorrow is another day. Still working now, dh has his laptop on and so do I, just updating clients etc...boring as batshit really..but will pack it in soon and go to bed.
Kids were great and heaps of fun tonight, dinner was a breeze and had a muck around..all good fun! Dh was very stressed when he came home so we surprised him with a lovely warm bubble bath, with candles, his ipod, a cold beer, a neck pillow and some peace and quiet..he loved it and was very grateful...also did the dishes for extra grateful!
Tomorrow going to the movies, taking freckles with some friends to see a movie called The Spiderwick something, looks a little scary but should be some good holiday fun.
Anyway, no walk today, wasnt in the mood after work, just wanted to get home, fling my bra off and slip into my pj's...which is exactly what I did. Watched my current favourite show...the biggest loser, and found myself in tears about it..I could just relate to some of the things they were saying...very lame of me.
Oh well, back to work...catch you tomorrow.

I am Grateful for -
  1. jelly and icecream - brings a smile to the kiddies faces!
  2. bold and the this show since forever
  3. clean sheets...nothing better
  4. a sunny day - to get the washing dry without using the dryer
  5. Op a couple of great shirts today for next to nicks!

1 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

I really like your " Im grateful" posts, i too am very grateful for opshops - Love em!!