Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So today was good, not very productive but good anyway. Got to spend the day with freckles. She got home at around 8 this morning from a sleepover at gym. She has just been selected for the comp team and they had a team building night at the gym. She had a fantastic time and actually slept in the foam pit under the bars, how cool is that. She came home absolutely knackered, and so we curled up on the sofa, under the doonas and slept, for 3 hours mind you! It was awesome, I love the smell of her and the sound of her breathing, it was great..the best day!
Anyway after that, did some washing, cooked a yummy ww dinner - Italian chicken and pumpkin bake - delicious! Put the kids to bed and had a very nice dinner with dh - on our own, and now that is different! Went for a walk to this afternoon at dusk which was great. Feeling good today, gottta work tomorrow which is good looking forward to that.
Anyway till tomorrow.

I am grateful for -
  1. flannelette pyjamas
  2. having a quiet dinner with my dh
  3. oxyaction stain remover
  4. havaianas
  5. clinkers

3 little pieces of your mind:

Kirsty said...

I am grateful for everything on your list too!

Looking forward to having you play On my desk...

Cooking My Life said...

Not sure what the last two are but if you're grateful - well that's the point.

Best wishes on your weight loss.

Blogger K L said...

Sounds like a really nice day. I used to do gym when I was little and my favourite was the bars because we were allowed to drop into the foam pit when we finished. So it's very cool she got to sleep there!

Good work for getting straight back on track after a tiny teeny gain - your dusk walk sounds really nice and cooking ww sounds yum.