Monday, May 26, 2008


photo by the oneandonly1

Ok so today was good, for a monday. Went to work for awhile, but couldnt get much done as the computer was being slow, so I left the boy with dh at work, all set up with dvd's and snacks. So went and did the boring...but anyway at least we have some food in the house again! Came home and curled up with the boy for a nap..which was hilarious. You see dh went to a retreat this last weekend, so he was drained and exhausted, anyway when I was at work with him he looked pale and not real well. Anyway he left his keys, laptop and wallet at home this morning..anyway the boy and I were asleep the house all quiet, all locked up, we were snuggled up fast asleep..anyway I get up and wander out to clean up etc...when I go to open the sliding door to the patio and notice some feet at the end of the hammock, and to say I freaked out was an understatement...someone was asleep in MY hammock, in MY backyard, in the middle of the day. So being the idiot that I am, I stood at the sliding door, and had it open about an inch, and yelled "Hey get out of my hammock the cops are on the way", when the culprit rolled over with shock and I realised it was MY DH! did I laugh. He had come home because he had felt sick, but couldnt get in, he knocked, and knocked on the window, but no answer so he just curled up in the hammock..hilarious. Other than that a good day all walk though, hopefully tommorrow.

Grateful for....

1. my slippers, thanks kids for keeping my tootsies warm.

2. nanna naps in the day

3. portable dvd players..keeps the little ones busy, when you need to work.

4. sms - when you want to get your message across but not be stuck on the phone all day.

5. snagging a bargain at the oppy.

1 little pieces of your mind:

Elisha said...

Hey gorgeous girl!! I must admit i did have a laugh out loud moment when i read about your poor hubby havin a snooze in the hammock! Who was more frightened you or him! Your sounding well - very happy, its really good to " hear" your smile in your words. xxxx

Your 7 things was interesting too, ya know Jo Jo i would love a day with you, sitting back, smokin cigarettes and talking about shit! Ohh and I loved the notebook too, one of my very all time favorite movies! You mentioned a movie the other week, gone baby something - i went lookin for it but couldnt find it, is it older? Let me know the title so i can hire it out! Lots of lovies... ME!! Chook!