Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My bestie Mary & her baby Samuel
Well today was a beautiful Autumn day, lovely warm and sunny. Freckles went off to school happy as a lark, and dh husband went to Brissy for some training, so the boy and I were stranded at home. Which wasnt so bad, we hung out and did domestic goddess type stuff, went for a walk/ride, wandered, had a nap..played cars trains, drew pictures..watche a movie..it was all in all pretty cool. Other than that not much else, have a whole pile of stuff in my spare room for the garage sale I am having with two girlfriends on the weekend, so hopefully will make some cash from that. Work tomorrow and catching up with the gorgeous Mary and her baby boy Samuel..the light..I call him, cant wait to see him.

Anyway thats it..off to a warm shower and bed.
Till tomorrow..


1. music, it eases my mind and takes me places I sometimes need to go.

2. mobile phones, to call dh to do an emergency blankie pickup and milk run

3. the boy - for just being the boy

4. my mum, for getting me a new hoodie after mine got stolen

5. seeing my girl in her "pj's" which is actually a pair of undies a singlet and some hideous long socks..style queen in the making their..xo

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Elisha said...

I lovers babies!!!! Samuel is so beautiful, and what gorgeous photos! xxxxxxxxxx