Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sicko Saturday..

Ok so this weekend was supposed to be about no plans.
Lucky that..because freckles has some sort of whacked out vomitting but and has kept me in bed all day..which isnt so bad, except for the vomitting..
Luckily the Olympics is on so that has kept us entertained between the bouts of cleaning out buckets..
It has actually been great bonding time too which has been great, we have talked about everything and as I type this we are sitting in bed, in the dark, in fresh sheets and fresh pj's eating lemonade icypoles...mmmm yummmmm.
Anyway hope you all have an incident free weekend.

Catch ya..

Grateful daily..
(its been awhile)

1. lemondae icypoles, no question
2. my hubby for taking on the boy today whilst I was out of action.
2 the olympics..if only I could be so fit.
4 fresh pj's, say no more
5. the bloggers of the world,,,, you make my life so great.

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