Monday, September 29, 2008

In my shopping trolley...

Just a quick one, have been doing some online is what I have bought, cannot wait for the postie to get here!

So I bought this great wristlet keychain thingo, my hubby keeps telling me my keyrings are to heavy and keep breaking my yeah whatever, so I shouted myself a lovely new one..and have culled my keys..(half of them I have no idea what they are for!) I got it from Jimmypickles on etsy. They have heaps of different colours and patterns, very cute!

I also picked up these little Amy Butler tags, over 100 of them in this sweet little tin...I am going to use them with brown paper and string for the coming christmas..deliciousness! I got these from AvaRae on etsy..she has lots of different designs and shapes, check them out!

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