Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 7 & 8, also Thrifted Weekly..

Day 7 & 8
Day 7
brought with it a trip to the movies..we went and saw Wall-e, fun was had by all, lots of popcorn, frozen cokes and m&m's. The movie was good, the kids enjoyed it and so did I. We then went to McDonalds for lunch as a treat and then home for a quiet afternoon, of drawing and playdough, all in all great day.
Day 8
Today was pretty quiet, the kids went off in different directions as it is usually a work day for me, but instead the car went in for a service and I stayed home and did some stuff for a new enterprise I am on, and also some housework. Nothing too exciting, but good just the same
The only down side was the some horrid person STOLE the boys little bike. It was his first one he ever owned and his absolute favourite. And to top it all off, tomorrow at kindy he has an excursion - a bike riding adventure to the park with cupcakes - so guess what I will be doing in the morning, going to get him a new bike. I swear I cried, they stole it right from out the front of our house - pigs! Karma people Karma!
Anyway, now on to my thrifting finds for this week...

Firstly a sweet little board craft thiingo from Italy. It is so sweet and folds up in on itself. The kids have been fighting over it. They love it. Only 50c

A sweet little clear perspex bowl with lid, cannot wait to fill it with loveliness! I snagged this for a grand total of 50c.

This is one of the said Russian Dolls that I got the other day (see previous post). It is a little overloved and needs some tlc but still awesome! Only 50c

This gorgeous linen wall hanging, just loved the vibrant colours and cool design - will look great in our new house! $2-

L to R - On the left is this gorgeous retro strawberry print square tablecloth, and on the right is a trio of sweet vintage pillowcases..yum all round.

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