Thursday, September 4, 2008

Its raining its pouring..

So today it rained and poured and rained some was windy and horrible and cold..good thing we were having a home day today as freckles is still recovering from being sick yesterday..We did venture out just once check out the op (thrift) shops in the area..picked up a few clothes..but my best score today, was purely by chance.
I have been wanting a treadmill for ages, I suppose in some warped way I think I may actually start doing some excercise if I have one...anyway..I told my dear hubby and he has been keeping an eye out around the pawn shops etc - I dont particularly want a new fandangled one...just in case I decide not to use it..(which I hope wont happen) so he came home last night and told me he found one for $199-, mmmm sounded okay, so I said I would think about it..anyway..went to Salvos today and as I walk in, the guys are just bringing in a load, which happened to include a - you guessed it - a treaddy! It was all folded up, which I liked and it looked okay, so I asked them to test it for me and it worked like a charm..a few rust spots and marks but overall in good nick for what I want it for....anyway..I say "how much is it?"
They say "dont know" (discuss between the three of them, the lady gets on has a go, now a whole heap of people are starting to look at the machine with interest)
One guy says "what do you want to offer?'
I say "what is your asking price"
The lady says "$15-"
And I practically scream SOLD!
$15...can you believe still had the sticker on it under the controls saying $1299-
So, I now have a new treadmill...Just need to work out how to blog and walk at the same time? LOL

Also today some pics from my boy. He is 2.5 years old and adorable and he has just this week started to draw are the two very first ones he did..and their background stories.
The boy tells me that in this one, the thing, whatever it is, is sleeping..
see him, down there lying on his side.

In the one above he is sleeping again, but there is a "scary spider" coming to get him. See the scary spider at the top..

He is good isnt your heart out Picasso. Also, on the cuteness factor, the fantastic blackboard that I picked up earlier in the week, he has taken to calling it the "snowboard"..and it cracks us all up daily..

See you all tomorrow..sweet dreams!

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Carol said...

When you figure out how to blog and walk on the treadmill at the same time....please email me!! I hope you enjoy it. Mine's gathering dust as i type! $15 is the 'buy-of-the-century'!

Looks like the Boy definately has his mama's creativity!! Precious!

I hopped over to your blog via Jennifer's!! Stop and see mine!

I'll be back!