Saturday, September 6, 2008

A little joy in the letterbox..

artwork by gumball grenade
So back to Friday, had a lovely day..started off a little bumpy with freckles throwing a fit over breakfast. Unfortunately this is one of the horrid side affects she gets from anti-biotics and one we just have to ride out for a week or so..

Then on to Friday breakfast with the girls, lovely as always and plans were made for fathers day on Sunday, also camping in October and a girls weekend away shopping in November..all in all a very productive breakfast "meeting".

Then spent the rest of the day just fiddling getting things done around home, trying to figure out how to convert dvd's to play on the portable dvd player and then helping my lovely friend kylie figure out Picassa web albums..(still working on that one!)

My sister in law arrived and we sat around chatting and having pizza and a few quiet beers...

All in all a good day...

But the highlight of my day was when my hubby came home with a letter for me from the Tax Dept. And low and behold a refund cheque with my name on it...lets just say it was over $500 and will come in very handy for the shopping weekend! Yay!

Anyway off to do some Fathers Day shopping with the kids this morning..have a great weekend!

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