Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Australia : Day 4

So we are up to day 4...let me know what you think of our aussie talent!
Today we have the awesome store Remo General Store.
REMO was launched in Sydney Australia in 1988 as a General Store with a mission to seek out and celebrate Quality & Passion in people and merchandise gathered together from all over the world. From the shelves of that original General Store and the minds of its many CustOMERs sprang a thoughtful, high quality and unique brand of general merchandise.

Boiled down, Remo is an institution. It sells the most amazing t-shirts, and beautiful special things..and I mean special things.
You can even create your own shirt with whatever you want on it! So go crazy!
So go check out Remo, have a poke around, once again you wont be disappointed.
Oh and by the way...see that little link, yep up there in the right hand corner of my blog, click on this for your free tshirt! And they deliver worldwide!

I heart Remo!

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