Saturday, November 29, 2008

Australia : Day 6 & 7

Hello all, sorry a bit behind on the post. Had s*%t day yesterday. I went out for breakfast yesterday with the peeps, like we always do every week. So anyway the boy wasnt very well so I didnt take him to daycare, but thought we could just get out for an hour or so and then come home and snuggle up..he loves seeing the girls, and we were having breakfast by the river which he anyway we go. But I was thinking I should stay home, but anyway, go to breakfast and as I pull into park BANG I hit my girlfriends car in the carpark. Hence to say I cried, went in told my girlfriend and then promptly went home, and hid under the covers with the boy all day.

Anyway on to day 6 & 7...

Day 6 - Well Spotted

A little about well spotted from their website - t's hard to believe that when well spotted started it was a serious slightly sarcastic t-shirt brand for adults the inspiration for which came from a disenchanted 30-something year old outlook on life. Then my son Finbar was born. The inspiration came from an entirely different place after that. First he was very hungry, very sleepy. Then he was small but we knew he knew stuff. At three, he was far out (brussel sprout) and at age five, well you can see what he is into now. Each stage of his development has inspired its own t-shirt and despite the obvious copyright risks with this one, I could not resist the force is strong. May the force be with us..

I just love love love these kids shirts they are just many fabulous colours and the slogans are just gorgeous. Go check them out at WELL SPOTTED!

and above is a photo of my boy (on the right) with his best bud..who is wearing the Unreal Banana Peel shirt!

A blurb from their website.
about us
clever designs, fresh ideas and products for the interior
Set up in 2006 as the textile design collective of one small room, Sproutdesign’s range of hand screen printed fabrics and products are designed and made in Australia with little people and their spaces in mind. Playful prints putting the child back into children! The range includes the Sproutdesign Collection and the Designers for Sproutdesign Collection - child focused fabrics and products by Australian designers that little people and big people will love.

our bit…
We make every effort to walk lightly on our planet, leaving only a beautiful imprint on those we sell to. All stationery is either recycled stock or FSC approved paper, we offset carbon emissions when we travel by air and we walk to work. Our screen printing uses a water based process and where possible we source Australian made base stock.
All products are made in Australia in non sweat shop conditions.
All T Shirts are made from certified organic cotton, woven in Australia. When we are not in drought, Australian sourced certified organic cotton is used.

I love their stuff, whimsical, simple, bright and gorgeous.
Go check out their
website..go on right now!

Back tomorrow for our last day of Australia Week..see you then! Oh and...

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