Sunday, November 30, 2008

So that was it

So that was Australia week, hope you enjoyed it!
Other than Australia week, a few things have been going on around here...

Freckles had her first Nippers carnival..she did really well in the searing heat!

I spent the afternoon with freckles class creating a healthy lifestyle diorama. The irony of this diorama is that if you look closely you will see that the tent is made from a McDonalds french fry packet!

My gorgeous friend Jodes gave us some yummy goodies from her garden.
Eggs from your chooks (the girls), chillies from her bush, and peaches the first from her tree.

Freckles is learning about Healthy Lifestyles this term in school, grade 2 that is. So for her on here schedule for her morning talk this week it was a healthy recipe, so we made yummy healthy fruit trifles for everyone in her class...and they rocked just quietly!

Oh, and a sneak peek at some of the items all packed up and ready to go from my new shop...its grand opening will be on Thursday, so check back for a great won't want to miss it!

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