Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well looking at the time, 10 minutes to midnight, may as well make this a double post. Anyway had a great Saturday, kinda freaky weather, sunny, hot, cloudy, humid all rolled into one, but we got up early and got going so that was good. Got lots done around the house and tackled the big one..the garage! Man, it was totally out of control in their..but we sorted, stacked, shelved, boxed, binned and donated a heap of junk and stuff, so we are all feeling much better, and not feeling like everytime we go in their that everything is going to fall on top of us. Anyway we also caught up with our gorgeous nephew as he was playing basketball up here, so we spent the afternoon watching him play, and then had fish and chips by the river. Freckles spent the day swimming, which she loves, so she was dead tired tonight and crashed. Got an early morning tomorrow, its Nippers, so I am off to bed now....hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
I shall leave you with my favourite flickr photo of the day..

Love Statue in Philladelphia USA, by vwelby on flickr

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