Monday, December 1, 2008

My mantra this week...

image from cut&pasteprint

The above is going to be my mantra for the week!
We have a BIG week this week, we are moving into our new house, that finally became ours at 3pm this afternoon! Yay Us!
We are very excited, and my lovely friend Jodes came round with me this afternoon, set up camping chairs and celebrated, on you Jodes! So we are busy packing packing packing ready to move on Friday..and just for those who didnt see it the first time, here is the little slideshow of our new place! Now I remind you it is a RENOVATOR big time..cant wait to get rid of a million be nice! These pics are from the real estate, and the furniture is the old tenants stuff.
You can check the house out here
Other than that, oh yeah I am grand opening my Etsy/Madeit stores this dont forget the giveaway!


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