Friday, September 17, 2010

to do this weekend...

So the weekend is nearly here..hooray! This will be the first weekend in over a year that Hubby will be home and not working! So we have a to do list ready to go of some of the things we want to get done..

1. finish painting "the cell" aka the granny flat so my mum can move in..
2. start pulling out all the hideousness that is our front yard so we can redo it.
3. go to Nippers, first day back of the season..6am start sunday..grrr a little
4. sleep...sleep...sleep
5. spend some time together hanging out

what is on the list for your weekend?

1 little pieces of your mind:

Maxabella said...

I was thinking if this is the very first weekend he's home and not working... why aren't you throwing down a picnic rug in the backyard and having a big family cuddle!? But, obviously lots to do!!

I'm over here looking for your gorgeous ink... x